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Welcome to your University of Illinois alumni network! Join the Twin Cities Illini Club!

The Twin Cities Illini Club is dedicated to the alumni community of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

The University of Illinois is such a strong and selective organization that simply getting accepted is an honor in and of itself. Graduating from the University of Illinois is an achievement. Leaders in virtually every industry -- from medicine to business, from computer science to the arts -- can all trace their roots to the University of Illinois. The value you enjoy from your education and the connections you built on campus can now extend to your alumni network! Opportunities for mentorship, networking, and enjoying the camaraderie of a shared history all exist with the U. of I. alumni network, and that network will be made even stronger when you become a part of it.

There are more U. of I. alumni in the Twin Cities than you might think. Over 4,400 registered alumni live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, and many of them are an active part of the Twin Cities Illini Club.

Membership benefits include invitations to events, such as our annual summer picnic, Illini sporting events, community service, and our famous game watches for the Illini games that are not played in the Twin Cities. We also send out a periodic e-newsletter that describes local networking and social events, interesting happenings on campus, and updates on the Fighting Illini in football, volleyball, and basketball.

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Currently, membership in the Twin Cities Illini Club is free!

To join the Twin Cities Illini Club and receive our e-newsletter, click on “Log In” on the far left of the website navigation bar and select “Alumni Login” in the pull-down menu. This will bring you to the University of Illinois Alumni Association log-in page. Enter your e-mail address in the field and click “Submit.” You can then follow the prompts to add your contact information.

It is just that easy! Your contact information and preferences on events can also be managed at the site. If the Alumni Association has your email address but you’ve forgotten your password, you can obtain a new one through that log-in page. If you already receive our e-newsletter, then you do not need to register again.

We thank you for your support and welcome you as a member!

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